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HVAC Controller
Detailed Schedule Operation
Selectable Display
Alarm / Event notice
Monitoring System interface

Seungil Electronics HVAC Controller Standard Type.

Self-diagnosis and automatic rebooting feature

It monitors the operating status by itself. It also reboots the system automatically 3 minutes after unexpected power supply cut-off.

Analog/Digital input and output

0~10V, 0~24V, 4~20mA of analog input/output and digital input/output

Various applications

It is a powerful controller that can be used in a variety of facilities.

PC remote control and data-saving feature

It uses PC to achieve remote control and it automatically saves all the date in case that power supply gets unexpectedly cut off or other problems occur.

Selectable Stylish LCD Display

All the operation status and setup menus are displayed on the digital LCD for convenient use. Various display is selectable.

Adjustable program

The user can adjust the program according to different kind of functions by simply changing set points.


Air handling Units
Precision Air conditioners
Air Conditioners

HVAC Controller Concept Drawing

HVAC Controller Concept Drawing


Model STHAV-ST Power Free Volt(AC 100~240V)
Operation Cooling, Heating, humidify, Dehumidify Communication port RS-485 3EA
D/0 17EA
lnput port D/l 17EA
A/l 3EA
Display screen Separate Display connection RS-485
Output lamp RED Connector type Pluggable
Digital output
17EA Op. power outputTotal Maxium 3A
PWM output
DC24V output for only heater
Analog output 4~20mA or 0~10V    
input lamp GREEN Connector type Pluggable
Digital lntput 15EA DC 24V For itself
High pressure
Digital input
1EA A220~480V
Analog input
1EA - Temperature
Thermistor(502 type) sensing
1port humididty High molecule
resistivity sensing 20~95%
1EA Current Transformer
sensing 0~55A
Cooling support   
Coller Max 2Unit Control STEP
Low pressre control o Cycle Time intergrating type
Deviation setting o Proportional output Option
Humidification support
Humidifier Pan type 2EA or Others 1 EA Control STEP
Electrode type o Cycle Auto
Pan type o Evaporative type o
Other features   
Hysteresis load o Blackout type o
Remote control o
Time accumulation
Cooling Dehumidify o Temp/Humid Ul o
Touch display o Tact display o
Remote Option Monitiring o

Selectable Display

Selectable Display