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Temperature Transmitter Room A Type
High-sensitive Temperature sensor
Compact type
High Reliability
High-sensitive Temperature sensor

Using high-sensitive, capacitive temperature sensor, this transmitter immediately reacts even to the lowest temperature.

International Standard Current and Voltage Output

4~20mA Current, 1~5V Voltage output : it can be directly connected to recorder or controller

High reliability

It is designed, based on the European standard regulation(CE)

Compact Type

0~4V voltage output; it can be connected right into MICOM(MICOM standard)

Model Surroinding Temp Case Temp. output
STX-RA-PT -10~60℃ Room A PT100Ω
STW-RA-PT -20~80℃ Room A PT100Ω
STX-RA-PS -10~60℃ Room A PT1000Ω
STW-RA-PS -20~80℃ Room A PT1000Ω
STX-RA-PA -10~60℃ Room A 4~20mA
STW-RA-PA -20~80℃ Room A 4~20mA
STX-RA-T5 -10~60℃ Room A Thermistor 502T
STW-RA-T5 -20~80℃ Room A Thermistor 502T